Producing pottery is a time consuming and highly skilled job.

To make a pot from start to finish takes a long time, at every stage there is potential for things to go wrong!

Big Jack, master clay unloader

Unloading 10 tons of clay!

Mixing the clay in the dough mixer.

Pugging the clay to get rid of any air bubbles.

Weighing lumps of clay. Mug=1lb

Throw the lump in the centre of the wheel.

The clay must be centred constantly.

Forming the mug shape.

Smoothing the clay with a wooden tool.

24 hrs later. Smoothing the base, adding handle.

The mug is left to dry for a week.

The mug is decorated using ceramic colours.

Overnight bisc firing to 1000 degrees.


Overnight glaze firing to 1180 degrees.

After cooling for 24 hrs the kiln is opened.