Sarah Grieve Mills is the daughter of Stephen and Carol Grieve, founders of Crail Pottery.

Sarah started making pots at an early age (3) and has been busy creating ever since! After leaving school Sarah started an apprenticeship at Crail Pottery, learning from her father Stephen. After a spell working in an Australian pottery working for Ted Watson, she returned to her favourite place in the world – Crail, to continue learning her trade.

In 1995 Sarah set up Crail Ceramics with her husband – Ian Mills. After a few years of Sarah bossing him around Ian left to set up Ian Mills Photography.

Sarah has had some assistant decorators over the years. Louise Wedderburn has worked with Sarah for 20 years on and off (in between having children)and they have created many beautiful pieces of pottery between them. Sarah makes the pottery and then she and Louise decorate it.

Sarah also enjoys making her own pots from start to finish, from the clay preparation, throwing, decorating, glazing to the firing of the kilns.

Sarah mainly makes hand painted earthenware and some gas fired stoneware.

Sarah lives in Crail with her husband Ian and their children – Jack, Sally and Jessica.